Cementitious Man                                      For all your cementitious needs
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About Me                                                                                                            I just love mud.
My name is Steve Irish, I do business as Lux Interiors Inc.  Cementitious  Man  is my super hero and web persona.   I have been restoring Seattle's plaster for the past 25 years. I offer plaster restoration and repairs, and I'm always up  for some wall and ceiling sculpting. I have taught classes for Historic Seattle and The PRNA Well Home Program. Well loved on Angie's List and Yelp.  I'm friendly, very clean and reliable. I even do drywall repairs without sanding or dust. My family and I live in the Rainier Valley where my wife, Joan Engelmeyer  runs   City Art Farm  check it out.                              
Fully licensed, bonded and insured. Serving Seattle area.
    LUX INTERIORS INC                                                  
cementitiousman@gmail.com        (206) 799-1499
                 3959 Renton Avenue South

                    Seattle  WA  98108-1641

Estimates are free if arranged at my convenience in the early mornings before my work day begins. $100 paid estimates are set up at your convenience. You can  click   to set up an estimate.   Email is easier for me than a phone call.

Warning! Warning!   I'm just one guy with a family, cats, dogs, chickens, and goats. I apologize in advance for not returning your phone calls and emails promptly. You've been warned.
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