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Plaster Restoration
Repairing and restoring lath and plaster homes in the greater Seattle area has always been the majority of my work.  From repairing a few cracks or applying a new fiberglass reinforced plaster veneer, to rebuilding an ornate plaster crown mold,  I'm ready to take on your project.

Holes from electrical upgrades or insulation, holes from the roofer's foot, or that big crack next to the fireplace (and there's that ugly spot under the window),let me take care of it.

Texture matches are very difficult for most plasterers and all drywall crews.  Which is evident by looking at the old plaster walls and ceilings in Seattle. Every plaster wall has a texture, whether ornate or just years of roller stipple.  I texture  all my repairs to match the existing surface. 

My labor estimates are not-to-exceed prices and the work is billed at time and materials.
 I have the utmost respect for my clients and their home.  I take great pains to not make a mess with a very messy job.  Work areas are always thoroughly masked to protect all non-plaster surfaces.  The work area is also sealed off from the rest of your home to contain any mess and dust.
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